Plastic Hose Guard Cable Protector 16mm SG-20


Price: 1.59 EUR (1m)



Plastic Hose Guard Cable Protector 16mm SG-20 is used for hydraulic hoses and electrical cables or other elements of various machines and mechanisms.


Main characteristics:

  • Inner diameter: 16 mm
  • Outer diameter: 20 mm
  • Width of a turn: 15 mm
  • Length: sold from 1 to 5 m solid spiral (price is per 1 m spiral)


Before installing high pressure hoses on the equipment, we recommend installing a protective spiral. This will not only protect the sleeve from possible damage, but also ensure the safety of the operator working near the hydraulic units. Protective spirals are installed on tractors, excavators, airplanes, cars, drilling rigs and other equipment. The spiral is also used to protect electrical cables, wires in the workplace.

The main purpose:

– protection against mechanical damage;
– ensuring the safety of personnel;
– providing ergonomics of laying of flexible elements.

The use of a plastic protective spiral, which has a lower price relative to the price of sleeves and cables, can significantly reduce operating costs in terms of durability of these components


Plastic Hose Guard Cable Protector 16mm SG-20 General recommendations for use

1. The length of protection is chosen depending on the length of the sleeve or el. cable and is installed along the entire length or in the place most prone to friction / damage;
2. Since the spiral plastic protection is flexible (spring type), it is possible to use it with a smaller diameter to cover the sleeve / cable or bundle of large diameters (for example, protection with a diameter of 32 mm. Can cover a diameter of 40 mm.)
3. At length of a sleeve / cable of more constructive length of protection, the last is easily connected, for this purpose on the ends of two pieces the boring opening of the necessary diameter is connected and connected by means of a plastic pin-clip *;
4. Installation of the spiral is not difficult and can be performed by one person