Mouldboard Akpil KM-80


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Mouldboard Akpil KM-80 L,R – to use with sternum – with support – left, right

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Advantages of use

Due to their very large size mouldboards are characterized by significant friction, which leads to the need to constantly clean the tool in conditions of high humidity. The use of Tekron composite dumps minimizes this problem. The coefficient of friction with the soil in this material is 0.1-0.3. At usual steel dumps this indicator is 3-6 times higher!
After plowing with a plow with composite mouldboards, the field will have a flat, well-loosened surface. This will also reduce fuel consumption by 15-30% and increase the speed of tillage by 1-2 km / h.

Tekrone material is an innovation that allows you to improve the quality of tillage, as well as reduce time and financial costs! Being easy to use and maintenance-free, it is a reasonable and profitable purchase for the agricultural sector.


Reduction of fuel consumption at the level of 15-30%;
Increasing the speed of tillage by 1-2 km / h;
Payback of the dump after passing 30 hectares